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How to Avoid Foreclosure

When the bank keeps calling for payments, it can be a stressful time! When they deny loan assistance and leave threatening notices about foreclose, it gets even more stressful! Wesity will help you avoid foreclosure and use your equity for a fresh start.

Yes, you still have options?

Often times when homeowners are faced with foreclosure notices, they believe they are out of options. Wesity can help you explore your options before considering to sell. They have resources that can help you prepare a loan modification or refinancing.

Don't give your equity back to the bank!

When all of your options have been explored, and you come to the realization that a fresh start is best choice. You'll feel better about that fresh start when you have capital in reinvest. Wesity will help you determine your home's potential equity and how to use that equity to fund your fresh start.

Don't give all that money back to the bank by just walking away from your investment. Wesity will assist you develop your relocation or reinvestment plan.

Homeowners have rights too!

#Wesity is here to help you #AvoidForeclosure. #Homeowners have rights too! Even in #foreclosure you still have #option to explore before selling. When it is time to sell #Wesity will assist you in accessing your #equity for a #freshstart. #Wesity works with #homeowners in #SouthLA, #Inglewood, #Compton, and #WestLA. They want to see YOU #win, not the bank!

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