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Lance & Lanisha Stubbs 

Our top priorities are creating a tailor-made real estate experience and building wealth for our clients. We are not the typical Realtors®! Our approach focuses on Residential, Investments, Commercial real estate that meet your specific investment goals. This allows us to present at real estate transactions from a strategic investment perspective.


Our mission is to protect and grow your wealth. We partner with real estate auxiliaries, such as Mortgage Brokers (Residential and Commercial), Credit Repair Services, Attorneys, Construction Developers, Accountants, Property Managers, and more. To meet all of your real estate needs. Part of our unique approach is embracing our network of professionals and offering a complete real estate investing experience. We offer Wesity's 5 Star Marketing programs to the clients we work with, that creates a tailor-made real estate investing experience. 

It's our pleasure to welcome you into our Real Estate Family and we take care of family!


Lance and Lanisha are seasoned professionals with 15+ years of sales and consulting experience. Lanisha is a licensed California Broker for the past 5 years. She graduated with a B.S. from LMU in Accountancy and has worked for the DoD in contract auditing for years prior and during her real estate career.  She has a Master’s Degree from GGU in Business Taxation. She attended USC’s prestigious commercial real estate certification program, Ross Minority Program, which is where she mastered her commercial experience and learned the importance of a network of professionals. Lance is a licensed Realtor® with 6 years of experience working with investors. He has taught courses for real estate licensee candidates and monthly business building classes to licensed Realtors®. He assisted pre-foreclosure owners avoid losing their home equity to the bank. Lance and Lanisha work primarily with investment properties.


For the past 8 years, Lance & Lanisha have been Business Owners with a goal of leaving a lucrative legacy to their 3 kids. They have invested in real estate, taught courses on investing, and hosted successful investment clubs for new investors in their community. Their background and experience have significantly contributed to their success and ability to survive the ups and downs of the Los Angeles real estate market. It’s from this experience that they see the highly overlooked wealth building opportunity that multi-family investing can provide to families across the country.

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